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PWA’s in 100 words or less

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) allow developers to provide the best of both worlds of applications. Native App features such as push notifications and the wide availability of supported services of a Web Application.

This is done by creating the Web Application but with extra details such as

  • Icons for the home screen
  • Prompt that recommends the user to install the app to their home screen
  • Preloading and storing the static files for offline usage
  • Background service worker that updates the apps, performs the push notifications and more

Advantages of PWA include

  • Users do not need to update manually via an App Store
  • Developers do not need to publish to the App Store (and wait and pay fees)

Disadvantages of PWA include

  • First time load could be slow
  • Harder to make paid apps unless it is subscription based

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How to invest into digital currencies in Australia?

Digital currency aka Cryptocurrency is the 100% online version of cash. Cash according to Investopedia is 

“Cash is legal tender—currency or coins—that can be used to exchange goods, debt, or services. Sometimes it also includes the value of assets that can be easily converted into cash immediately, as reported by a company.”

What is digital currency?

The way cryptocurrency differs is that there is really no physical item that can be exchanged such as coins, notes or shells like back in the day.

How is it different to cash? 

Because crypto is 100% online, transactions are instant. Two clients from any parts of the world who are connected to the public internet can trade their currency for anything else of value. 

Which currencies are better than others?

Just like currencies of the world like the US Dollar, English Pound and Chinese Yuan – different digital currencies are more valuable than others. What affects their price varies between it’s popularity, its availability, it’s technical limitations and abilities and it’s scarcity.

Which one should I buy?

Depending on your personal financial situation, the best time to buy digital currency is always now – unless you can’t afford to lose the money you deposit. What I mean by that it’s cryptocurrency is highly volatile. So your $50 cash may rise to $400 in 1 week and back down to $25 in the following week. True story.

Which marketplace / exchange should I use?

I personally use Coinspot in Australia and recommend it to all my family, friends and clients. If you use the link below, I will also receive a kick-back.

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Google is ready for Government data

Just this week – Google Australia has had it’s advice (and subsequently webpage) revised to announce that Google’s Data Centres in Australia can host sensitive and protected governmental documents.

This is great news for Organisations that have gone Google or have been playing to go Google because of either high pricing from Microsoft Azure or rapid changes in Amazon AWS platforms respectively.